IMVU Xmas Holiday 2018

Thursday, 12.27.18

I finally completed the empty IMVU holiday room gift with IMVU holiday furniture gifts. What I first noticed from the empty room is that the wooden floors are very shiny and polished that it looks like window reflection or mirror. I also noticed that the windows were animated with snowing scene.

In the first snapshot, there are three new items: red couch with pillows, coffee table with festive decor, and a brown lighted deer sculpture that actually looks similar to the ones in my neighborhood. (The pink rug is old from I don’t know when).

My avatar models on the couch in different poses. She is dressed in a cozy winter outfit of black leggings, sweater, scarf, earmuffs, gloves, and white bunny slippers.

I kept the red henna bob hairstyle for this photo shoot.

She relaxes on her new couch, trying to break it in…

She decides to sit on the floor, next to her hot cocoa mug on the coffee table.

She sits comfortable on the floor…

I added three of her animates cats that she already has from previous years on IMVU.

The gray cat in the basket often chases a little mouse. The white cat wanders around. And, my avatar is laying on a pillow and playing with a brown cat.

In the background is a new credenza gift with little decor items.

Other new Xmas gifts include the Xmas tree and fireplace.

The teddy bear, pink cushions, and white deer are old items.

If you look closely in the up snapshots, you can see through the window a cabin with a lighted window. It appears she lives somewhere in the mountains with lots of snow and cabins.


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