Happy Thanksgiving eve everyone!

Hello everyone and welcome back. I just wanted to jot down a few things then i am back to editing more videos i have been doing. Here it is i am going threw all my videos i done with my drone since i got my drone and taking clips of some cool things i done in the past and mixing them together to make one video i am done with one hard drive already and still have like 5 more to go i started this project i am into it bout a week in a half and i am trying my luck and sharing all the videos i come up with on #YOUTUBE!! I have like 2 on my channel so far #Dubzanatorsdroneworld. Is where you will find them all i am excited and nervous at the same time. Because i posted a lot with my drones but this will be the first i tried doing this. O and btw i will post something on my channel and here a fella you will enjoy Happy Thanksgiving eve everyone and have a blessed Day!!



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