Fragrant and Beautiful Lilacs

You might not know this but the city of Rochester in New York State is known for lilacs. You can see these lovely and scented flowers in Highland Park where you’ll find over 500 varieties and over 1,200 lilac bushes.

Since 1898 Rochester has held a Lilac Festival every May. The lovely blooms come im white, lavender, deep purple and pink, They are fragrant with deep green leaves.

Lilacs originated in Eastern Europe and Asia. Early European settlers brought them to North America. The first lilacs planted at Highland Park came from the Balkan Mountains in Eastern Europe.

I used to live in the suburbs of Riga, Latvia in the Northern part of Europe and there we had lilacs also, I had a large garden and every May it turned into a lilac fantasy. In Latvia lilacs did not just grow by houses and in parks, they bloomed everywhere you looked and for the month of May it was worth walking about looking at all the fragrant and lovely blooms,


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