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Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 31

Bagga wanted a wing man, didn’t know if he could fully trust Junior and was hesitant.

He made pointless chatter and Junior said he didn’t know about the subway or where any place was, in such a way that Bagga would be handicapped if Junior was needed in Bed-Stuy and couldn’t find his way there.

Bagga, who didn’t have anything to do, took Junior on some subway rides, showing him the map, the connections.

It was a full day venture, with stops at various places, meals, and Bagga doing most of the talking.

Later that night they went to the a house in the area Junior had first been to see the new slaves brought in.

For that is what they were, slaves.


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Written by jaylar

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    • They are Jamaicans who came up to America on a ganja flight, were taken to a flat where they were to sort the ganja and sell it. They have no papers, they don’t know where they are, and get no money.

      This is real.

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