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Festive Mall Meetup

Sunday, 12.8.19

Today, I decided to go to a mall meetup, with a group of 30 people. It was from 9 am to noon, where we walked the inside of the mall, window shopping and taking decor snapshots. When I arrived at the mall, I thought the parking lot was crowded for 8:30am. I later noticed that this crowd is for the Nordstrom Cardholders, where they can shop before the doors open to the public. I walked to the meetup place, I noticed different changes. They now have a vegan restaurant, Seabird, which took the place of Pacific Whey Cafe. 

The mall was crowded and festive, filled with holiday decor, a singer, and a band. They also gave out hot cocoa or hot apple cider drink to interested people walking by at noon. 

After walking all over the mall, on three levels, some people decided to have lunch at the new restaurant, Seabirds. It has been in SCP for only a week, but someone mentioned there is one at The Lab in Costa Mesa. At the restaurant, they gave us a slice of chocolate cake, and I end up with 2 slices because they had one extra. I ordered a vegan taco. And, I drank a lot of water. After lunch, I walked by the hot cocoa/hot apple cider table outside, and I decided to drink a cup of hot apple cider, just because I rarely drink it. I walked around more at the mall, browsing, mostly because I needed to metobolize my lunch. 

I check my iphone, and I noticed I walked 4.3 miles and 9,781 steps as well as 4 floors.

I added a couple of decor snapshots.

It was dry all morning. But as soon as I arrived home, I noticed it started to rain, while changing my clothes and glancing out of my bedroom window. The trees looked pretty, as well as the colorful orange, yellow and red leaves scattered on the wet sidewalk across the street. Cars driving by made swishing sounds they drove over the street puddles. 

Taking a break at the end before I go home….


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    • you can do it in your area with family and/or friends. i used to do that alone, or meet a friend at the mall, during the 90s. Just hang out there, walking around, and maybe even check out a fashion event at one of the department stores.

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