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It is almost Hannuka time. When I was growing up they did not have fancy dreidls like they have now. I played with wooden ones that it was spin around. The letters on the dreidl mean that a miracle happened. Instead of the oil burning for one night it burned for 8 days and that is why we light a candle each night for 8 days. Nowadays the dreidls are lasers and move around and light up and sign in Hebrew.

I wanted to help you understand about how our dreidls work. I am putting a picture of the laser one I bought for Sophie and myself to enjoy for Hannuka and also an example of one I grew up with playing.

Sophie, by the way, loves it and was very fascinated by it. She loved that it lit up and it moved around.


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  1. I have a wooden dreidl just like the one pictures. I’ve never seen a laser one! But, is it just mine, or are all dreidls (dreidlen?) weighted – so that two of the sides are favoured and come up more often, but… only if you spin it clockwise?

    • Norman, I discovered laser dreidls here in Israel. I used to sell things so I would get laser dreidls called sevivon in Hebrew for Hannuka. I grew up with the wooden ones. Now because if technology they have laser ones that spin around and light up and sing in Hebrew. I do not think it lands on any side on purpose.


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