On This Day Of Republic Of India: 26th January 2018

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On this Day of Republic I thought to Share my Feelings as on Dated 26th January 2018 with my’ VIRILY FAMILY‘. Why Do we all the Indians Observe this Day of Republic along with the Present Situation of Incredible India via some Sorrowful lines Dedicated to’ My 1st Love’ and ‘The Last Love’ to My Pride of My’ Mother India’.


The Republic Day of India is observed every year on 26th January to honour and Regard the Holy Book of Constitution of India. With the Immediate effect from the Day of 26th January 1950The Constitution of India put into force to Govern the Union of India replacing The Government of India Act 1935.

The Constituent Assembly of November 26th 1949 hereby adopted by a United Voice which did effect and enacted officially just within a year from this Day of 26th January in 1950.

This Transformation of our Country(India) as a true Indian Republic After India Got Independence (15th Aug 1947) was fulfilled and refurbished by the  implementation of The Constitution of India which also reflects India’s Dream of having the Tag of Complete Independence From this day of 26th January 1950.

Today our Observation of Glorious Republic Day on this auspicious day of 26th January is the 69th Republic Day from the past 1950. What people of India gained and what is our achievement on ground across the country at present which I would like to share with all my VIRILIYANS through some poetic echoes as mentioned Below—-

“On this Day of Republic ,

    I appeal ! My Fellow Indians and  PATRIOTS to Come Forward…..

 Mother India is Calling You,

      You Must not hide as if a Coward.                

 On this Day of Republic, I Appeal! 

                       My Proud and Brave Indians to Follow “Nation First,

Don’t Kill Each Other in the name of Creed and Caste”.

On This Day of Republic, I Appeal !

                          My Young Indians to Follow the Path of Peace,

How Can You Forget the Glory of India, 

                            And Dare of Bhagat’s to Death as if a KISS”.

‘On this Day of Republic,

                      I Appeal my Fellow Citizens ,,

Come On ! Fight For the Right

If Can not Now, Must Not Never

              As Right is Your Only Might”.

(Note-All My Virily Friends, I would like to appeal to read it once completely to Understand My Feeling On this Day of Republic in India and Comment as per your wish and will but Please don’t take me Otherwise.”)


What do you think?


Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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