Countdown to 2020 in Times Square

Tuesday, 12.31.19

It is now about an hour and a half until 2020. I am watch the ABC countdown with Ryan Seacrest and some singers entertaining the Times Square crowd in the streets of NYC. Some of these singers are Youtube performers, such as BTS. They look and sound like one of those boy bands. I thought these boy bands are out by now. 

I decided to check my iPhone activity for today, and I noticed I walked 2.8 miles in the mall, which is about 8,640 steps and 3 floors.

I remember when my parents were alive, we often went to Las Vegas or Reno for the holidays and New Year’s Eve Countdown. It is similar to NYC and LA, where everyone is crowded in the street, counting down and celebrating together. Now, I mostly watch it on TV, from my townhouse in OC. 


What do you think?

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