Christmas Every Day 3/16

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Some quotes immediately touch my heart. This one did because of simplicity. If you just do a little extra every day for someone it should be easy. Sometimes when we step things back to simple and easy everyone wins. So today I am going to celebrate by just doing a little extra. A little extra is a very good and easy thing. I covered a lot more ground and got a lot more people this way.

It’s been busy, and I covered a lot more territory. For me, that is a win, win, win!

So how about you. Will you join me and do just a little bit extra today?


What do you think?

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  1. Well, I gave of my time today to a disabled person. He requires a lot of attention, and it can leave me feeling drained. I I felt better after I took him home. He is alone too much, so by being with me now he feels calmer. I feel good about helping someone. It can get demanding, but where there is hope there is a way.