Celebration of the Serbian Police in Belgrade

Robin Biznis May 27, Belgrade

The central celebration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia was held in the strict center of Belgrade.

On the plateau in front of the National Assembly at 12 o’clock, it started its central event, and before that, in the Pionir Park, citizens could attend the tactical-technical assembly in which all organizational units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Infantry echelons, echelons of armored vehicles, as well as echelon combat vehicles and techniques were presented to the citizens.

As part of marking the Day of the Ministry of the Interior, a traditional festive defile of the company of the Konjani of the Police Brigade and police orchestras of Serbia, Hungary and Poland was held at Knez Mihailova Street on Sunday at 9:30 am.

Members of the Ministry of the Interior at the Pioneer Park from 10 am at the tactical-technical assembly showed their skills and equipment, and the program was adapted to the youngest ones who enjoyed socializing with police officers and could get to know the work of the police.

The celebration of the Day of the Ministry of the Interior ended at 20:30 with the concert of the police orchestras of the Ministries of the Interior of Serbia, Poland and Hungary, as well as the participation of well-known local singers at the Kalemegdan Promenade.

At 10 in the morning before, I was on the spot to make a couple of photos that I will set you up. Everything was held the way it was announced. To say that President Aleksandar Vucic awarded three gold medals to the three most brave police officers who showed their courage in the past year. Three silver and three bronze medals were also awarded.

The commemorative celebration passed through beautiful and sunny weather without any incident. The children were most impressed by firefighters and helicopters.

Adults greeted the troops with great applause who beat them in front of the solemn stage.

A large number of TV cameras have followed the event.

The program of the celebration continues tonight at Kalemegdan, the symbol of the city of Belgrade.


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