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Bobi Wine receives the Africa Freedom Prize


Ugandan activist and musician Bobi Wine received the Africa Freedom Prize from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in South Africa over the weekend.  He plans to run against the current President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni in 2021.

He received this prize because Museveni has attempted to prevent Bobi Wine from becoming the next President of Uganda.  Bobi Wine has been beaten, he has been imprisoned, he has been banned from holding any concerts, and he has been banned from holding any political rally that has more than 25 people within Uganda.

The election in Uganda will be critical for the development of Africa in the next decade.  His win will prove that the people of Africa really want to be better instead of being perpetually stuck under dictators like Museveni, who has been President of Uganda since 1986.


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    • He’s been released from jail for the time being because of pressure from human rights activists from around the world. I am from the USA near Chicago. I am not from Uganda. However, I do want Africa to be fully developed so that their resources will no longer be taken by other countries.

      • As soon as I wrote the previous comment I remembered that you are from the USA …. I agree with you very much I just think that the African people should learn a lot more … when I watch them on TV sometimes I feel like they are 100 years behind us

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