Blog: College graduation ceremony is 40 days away!

With seven more weeks left in the semester, I am proud to say that I have just reached 204 internship hours at my agency, with 300 being the ending number needed towards my degree in Addictions Studies. Doing the math, that means I have 96 more internship hours left. It makes me smile when I receive messages from interested hiring managers that view my resume on that did not care to consider my resume before. I am so stuck in this moment, yet well aware that I need to wake up and start planning the next steps whether it be towards the Social Work field or continuing in the route of Mental Health counseling, but that will depend on which University I choose to attend in the near future. I am excited to share this with you all because I feel as though I took a long route to get here. And in that route, God placed certain individuals in it that steered me to where I am headed today. My emotions compare to the emotions I had after graduating from high school back in the year of 2001. As like back then, I did not know where life was headed which resulted in me having goosebumps everytime I took in the reality of where that next road was headed in life. As of today my college graduation ceremony is 40 days away!

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