Black Friday 2017: Day 1

Friday, 11.24.17


At noon, I decided to go to the Spectrum Center. When I arrived there, I couldn’t find an available parking space, and I got tired of driving around looking for one. So, I decided to leave the Spectrum Center and drive to The District. I went into Michaels and browsed for a generic wreath I can use for all seasons. There were cute ones for Christmas, but I finally decided on a plain green one so that I can decorate it myself for each season with my own decorative items. I also saw a glass globe, in which I have always wanted to get one. So, I decided to get one. Then, I came back home to eat and get ready for the Friday walking group meetup, in which I plan to go early for a longer walk. I stopped at IMVU, and I noticed that I received my first Black Friday gift for this weekend, which were five poses with colorful shopping bags. I placed them inside my holiday banquet party room.

I drove to the Woodbridge Center at 4:30 pm, and I arrived in 15 minutes. But I couldn’t find either woman for earlier hike. These people are irresponsible and flaky. So, I decided to go inside the new Grocery Outlet to browse. I decided to buy a sample bag for a smoothie because the ingredients sounded good. And, the sample bag costed only 79 cents.

While driving today, I noticed many Police Jeeps stopping many cars. There were many cars driving crazy today, in which I think had to do with “Black Friday.” It was very chaotic and too crowded at the malls and on the streets. Although I didn’t experience any violence, I did notice people were crazy today.

This Instant Smoothie Bowl Red Power consists of goji berry, maqui berry, raspberry, strawberry, coconut, hemp, pea protein, pomegranate, kale, beet juice, and pumpkin seed. After the one-hour walk, I drove home and tried out this smoothie. I just mixed it with water. It was OK. It is also organic, 100% raw, vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free, dairy free, and 1% of the profit is for the planet. I think it needs some fruity flavor. I should have added some fruit or berries. I have some mango pieces left, but I wasn’t sure if the smoothie needed anything. I think I will buy this product in the future, and add some fruit or berries with it, and it will be a tasty smoothie. I made a cup of café au latte as well as eating some raw almonds. The homemade almond milk in the espresso gives the coffee a soft, smooth, and creamy taste that I forgot I was drinking coffee.

I also noticed that IMVU and Yoworld are also celebrating their Black Friday event with discounts in the Yo Store for people who want to decorate their homes.


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