Baby Trump At Large Flying Over London

Friday, July 13th, 2018

While on Facebook, I have noticed many articles and posts about the Baby Trump in Diapers balloon flying over London. The huge obnoxious-faced and blond-coiffed toupee balloon was inflated at Bingfield Park, in the north side of London, England. The British people have been protesting against President Donald Trump’s policies, views, and actions. Meanwhile, the Fat Blond Baby has made headlines all over the internet to make fun of Trump’s ideology, governing policies, and big mouth. He has been an entertaining president, and this balloon is quite entertaining as well. So, this Baby Trump balloon fits President Donny Trump’s image.

President Donald Trump had recently visited London, probably for political and business matters, and he saw this 20-foot balloon flying At Large over London, England. President Donald Trump felt sad and unwelcomed, and maybe even threatened that the British would go to this length and express their feelings about him.

I decided to also watch a couple of UK media coverage about this Baby Trump Protest event.


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