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Attack On Cakes

Last Sunday,I was invited  on birthday party.This was a unique birthday  party.Hall was decorated  with colourful  flowers and balloons.Every cuisine was managed  separately  very well.There were lot of tables of cake bar .As you can see the picture. There was a big  variety  of mouthwatering  cakes.Kids were very found of  cakes but I was wrong.There was a sudden attack  start on cakes not only kids, younger, older  everyone want to get their favourite  cakes. I was very surprised And enjoying this party.Are you like cake and which flavour? Share your feeling  with me.


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Written by Hina Hamid


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  1. Those cakes all looked very delicious. My favorites are angel food, German chocolate with caramel pecan icing, then again I like plain pound cake or just a yellow cake with butter on it. The other style of cake I like is the Bundt and Struesal cakes.

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