An Encounter at a Country Crossroads

It’s more than a week since Halloween, yet look at this fine gentleman I encountered while out in the hills of county Wexford. I’m very glad it was broad daylight when I made his acquaintance, as otherwise I might have got such a fright I wouldn’t have made it home! There’s a lot of care gone into this creation, so I guess it’s natural that his ‘owners’ wanted to leave him out on display as long as possible 🙂

#1 The Upshot

An upshot, showing off some of Mr. Pumpkin Head's features to good effect.

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#2 Mr. Pumpkin Head

There was a lot of light coming from the right, so I posterised this shot in Paint Shop Pro, to brighten up his face and increase the generally 'weird' effect.

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#3 Admire me!

Look how much work went into this fella. The combination of clown elements (feet, bow tie, suit) with the scary pumpkin face and sharp teeth is very effective. And don't you just love that fez (hat)? 🙂

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What do you think?

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