Alaska Fur Rendezvous

If you thought that the Inuits in Anchorage, Alaska had all work and not play you would be wrong. Everyone wants to have some fun now and then no matter where they live.

Way back in history mountain men, Inuits, and fur traders would meet in certain places in the early spring every year to trade with the furs they acquired during the winter for cash and supplies. Then in the early 1900s things changed and modern trappers and fur buyers no longer needed to come together in pre-arranged places.

However, in the 1930s a group of people decided it would be great to preserve the history of these kinds of meetings. Soon every year this turned into a 10-day celebration where everyone comes together, enjoys playing games, and just having fun together.

One of the fun activities during these gatherings is called the Inuit Blanket Toss where people hold a blanket made of seal or walrus skin. A person sits on the blanket and the others toss that person up and down. The winner is the one who manages to bounce the highest.

The next one will start next year on February 26 and go till March 7, 2021.


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  1. my stay in Alaska (Fairbanks) was focused more on working through problems, we did walk around in the evening (we were there in the summer so the evening went very late!) Beautiful city. The first people’s traditions are very important!


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