8 Golden Rules and Tips to Organize a Successful Event

Every week there are launches, cocktails, parties, dinners, product presentations, fashion shows and innumerable formats of social and business events in the media. But what should a public relations professional take into account so that your event is a success and does not go unnoticed?

There are essential rules and tips for an event to be successful

“I am very demanding: at the time of organizing an event I cannot sell what I would not buy, each one is a new challenge for me, I love this profession and I try to make it different, more personalized and with my own code”, assured the public relations.

8 recommendations to have a successful event

  • Choice of the most indicated type of event

First, we must define what type of event is appropriate to what we want to communicate: for some cases, a formal cocktail may be more appropriate; in others, a relaxed breakfast only for the press. On special occasions, it is recommended to organize an annual meal, a party, or a gala according to the importance of the event. The main thing is to study which is the most recommended event and then put hands to work.

  • Be creative and innovate

Sometimes, it is difficult to find something different and that has not yet been seen. However, it is important that the public relations professional and event organizer appeal to their creativity and seek to unleash their imagination, so that the occasion does not go unnoticed. In the chosen place can also be the key to stand out.

  • Get the attention of the media

To put together the press releases I think every word. Is that the words are powerful and you have to be able to summarize an event in a few lines. When sending a newsletter to a journalist, it is best to work with the inverted pyramid system, which in journalism is the scheme by which the information goes from most to least importance. A clear message makes everyone’s task easier. The newsletters should be brief, but those words need to attract the attention of those who read them. You have to be able to give multiple formats to the same note and make dynamic, short and eye-catching presentations.

  • Use of the social network and event websites

Social networks are ideal for communicating, but they also tell us a lot about “what is being talked about”. For that reason, I assemble lists of the most important topics and check the ones that prevail, both on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram. Publishing the event before, during and after its completion is key to its successful dissemination. Submit event on various sites available. Events Duniya is one of them, which gives you all latest information of Events for Indians in Hong Kong.
  • Have a well-defined objective

The effectiveness of our work also has to do with knowing very well what we are going to make known: what kind of product we have to promote, what our client is like, where he wants to go, these are questions that we cannot stop doing. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the message that you want to transmit through an event.

  • The dissemination in the media

Determine in advance what are the appropriate means to disseminate the event is one of the most important tasks. It is essential to make a selection of the main news portals, graphic, television and radio media to put together the dissemination plan. It is vital to have an updated database.

  • Use all available resources

It is essential that we are aware of all the news, not only social networks but also the devices that we have today. Knowing how to record a video, edit images, texts and sound are always a plus in this work.

  • Understand the importance of the call

For me it is essential to know each of the people in my mailing: call the guests, send them their invitation cards with all the relevant instructions (including the dress code and the map of the place, if necessary), receive them personally, know their names and assist them during the entire duration of the event.

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