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6 Things To Remember On Your Wedding Day

You’ve been working for a few months now, probably almost a year. That’s how most wedding preparations take place. It is intricate, delicate and detailed job. You are working hard to make it as perfect as you vision it would be. Why not, you only get to have a wedding once (hopefully). It is your very special day, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Hopefully, you have a list to remember.

Between dress fittings, food tasting, and venue hunting, it is easy to get stressed out and forgot that this day is all about you and your happiness. Do not let panic get the best of you, here are some things to remember on your wedding day.


There is a reason why wedding planners and coordinators is a booming career. It is because you need someone to take charge of your wedding day at some point. This is your day and you need to relax for a minute there. Let people around you take charge of other stuff and simply enjoy this moment and do not let it pass.

Remember not to put all the responsibilities and commitment on one person. Spread it out to people you trust and rely on like your bridesmaids.

Break In Your Wedding Shoes

You don’t want blistered and bruised feet, therefore you need to break in your shoes. Just like how it is not advisable for runners not to use brand new snickers. Wedding shoes are also in the same league. You will be using it for the whole day. You will be walking and dancing and it is going to give you pain if you did not break it in first.

Make sure to use it from time to time before your big day. This way, it will be more suitable for your feet and be comfortable for your use.

Beauty Rest

Honey, you better make sure you have adequate beauty rest as the date of your wedding day approaches. Remember the importance of having a decent hour of sleep. Under eye circles and tired eyes, don’t look good in wedding photos.

On your wedding day, everything will be hectic, you might even skip a meal or two for the ceremonies and activities that will unfold on your day. The best thing to prepare for this is an adequate amount of sleep.

Check Your Vendors

Whether it is an email or phone call, checking your vendor on the day itself of your wedding is important. They are responsible for the important sorts in your eventful day. And one mistake from them can ruin it. Make sure you have sorted out every detail and deal you have with them from payment to the direction to your reception venue.

Check your inbox to see if there are any last minute questions from vendors. Double check every detail and payment made and have some sort of insurance for that. Every full payment you make should have a corresponding confirmatory signature.

Have Cash On Hand

You do not need to fill your wallet with bills, but extra cash may come in handy. Especially on times where someone went the extra mile just to make your special day perfect. Give it as a tip to anyone who had given solution to an urgent problem.

Write a Love Note

Do not forget, this day is about you promising a lasting love to someone. And what better way to commit to that than writing a short and simple note telling them about how you feel and how much you love him or her.

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