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5 tips to help you create a perfect Christmas holiday

It is this period that is most suitable for experimenting not only in the kitchen but also in all details of the feast. There are five tips for your celebration:

  • Food: Instead of trying out different types of traditional dishes, try new things that you never tried before for Christmas. Traditional snacks can be replaced with snacks of other cuisines or French, Italian cheeses, whose preparation will not take much of your time. The big part of the holiday’s time we eat – invite your family to produce together! Ported desserts, cakes can be a challenge for the family team. This is a great opportunity and entertainment that will allow guests to relax from the festive table, share good emotions and all the knowledge about production (grandmothers and mothers have endless time-tested tips).
  • Table decor: get inspired by nature and let yourself play – use your yard, the forest near the house or children’s creativity. The green and natural “path” of fir or pine instead of the usual tablecloth, table-cards changed by children’s decorated gingerbread cookies, spruce branches and red berries (which can additionally be breathed with natural essential oils) combine with table candles will create a cozy, non-binding and festive.
  • Home decor: the photo wall or corner for the photo making may sound like too proud for family celebrations, but admit that photos are everyone’s favorite, so it can be another great additional entertainment for your family. A cozy vintage sofa, a wall of lights, an artificial or natural fireplace – all can serve for family photo sessions. Also, for festivities, look for the instantly printing camera; it will definitely make happy all the grandmothers to whom it will be the biggest Christmas gift. Let the whole holiday listen to music in your home, if popular Christmas melodies are already a bit of boredom- try Frank Sinatra. His voice and songs are most suitable for the audience of all ages and needs.
  • Drinks: hot chocolate served in mom’s wedding services can become the true champion of evening drinks. A few alternating hot chocolate ingredients can change it from soothing to tonic; from the immunity strengthening to the “calorie bomb”. Each member of the family will be able to create the desired result.
  • Atmosphere: The first mantra to be repeated in preparation for celebrations – do not overplay with your efforts. The pace of Christmas involves everyone, but usually, most it lies on the shoulders of gorgeous mothers, ancestors, grandmothers, and while women are so magical that they can lift the mountains, but tiredness and irritation will spoil any gorgeous and thoughtful environment. It is not easy to share responsibility sometimes because it seems that only one can do everything ideally, but let everyone help. And even if the result is distant from your vision, is all efforts for a common goal not what we call the family? And the process usually stays in memory longer than the result.
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