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365 Day photo challenge day 163

One of the things my father loved was platted maps. A plat map is a section of or selection of an area and the topological presentation of that area. Each of the lines representing a certain rise or lowering of the ground relative to the high and low points. I learned at an early age, reading these maps with my father, how to find a ridge line when seeking a trail. I still to this day, print them from time to time. The one seen here hangs in my office at home and represents the area around where we live. Back in the day, when my father was teaching me, these maps cost 10 dollars or more. We would, from time to time get a new one. You treated them like gold because if you lost it while on the trail, well you were lost as well.

The US Geological Survey Service now offers the maps online. You can select a specific area and print it, or save it to various devices. There are applications on your smartphone that will read such maps saved in whatever format and put you, via GPS in the topo map! You can, depending on the country you are in, download these maps from a variety of agencies as well (There is a European Geological Survey Service for example). I have one of the areas we live in both for me, and to remember my dad. There are many things I love because of him. I owe him so many things.

Anyone can join the photo challenge. Pictures less than seven days old. Rules are all over Virily. Just, point click and share!


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Written by DocAndersen

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