Zombies, Cornflu, and Muzzles

Wednesday, 8.5.20

I added 4 interesting videos by Dr. Vernon Coleman about this Cornyflu Plandemic and New World Order agenda. He makes sense because he says similar things to what I say. He is entertaining. 

#1 Mask Wearers are Collaborators Who Could Destroy Us All

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Dr. Vernon Coleman explains that the moronic, fear-inspired public who prefer to wear mask are just willing collaborators who follow the proposed agenda to help the elites to destroy society. Thereby, enabling the Zionist Elites to help them achieve the New World Order agenda.  Moreover, this Cornyflu Plandemic is really the Zionist Government preplanned agenda, in collaboration with the Gates Foundation, to depopulate the earth for the New World Order, before further controlling the rest of the population with microchip, surveillance, and transhuman methods.

Yeah, I agree that they are working on economic collapse to force everyone to do all their shopping online, in which I rarely do anyway.

I am suddenly realizing that these so-called Zombies are the brainwashed idiots in society who are dumb enough to follow the garbage on TV, or even still watching the rubbish-infested networks, and they are helping the Zionist Elites promote that garbage spewed at their face through the television screen.

#2 Why There Will Be A Second Wave (They Need One)

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Dr. Vernon Coleman talks about One World House Arrest Lockdown to control the whole earth as slaves, preparing them for their future life under One World Government in Zionist Israel.

Yeah, it is all about conditioning the public into accepting whatever they propose next—toxic vaccines, microchip, transhumanism, etc.

Yeah, I agree, that they also are terrorizing the public by bombarding them with bunch of fear-filled bullshit in order to make the public beg for vaccines, microchip, and everything else, which will be proposed as making people’s life better or just ending this domestic terrorism.

 This is a Spiritual War, between the 99% public and the Zionist Elites who are trying to destroy the earth and control everyone as slaves.

#3 What did you do in the war?

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

WW3 is currently on, between the 99% public and Zionist Elites. But this is a spiritual war, which has to do with fucking with people’s mind to better control them as slaves. They will continue to torture and terrorize people into submission, until people will agree to the Zionist Elites demands by waving their white flags, ready to accept whatever is proposed in the demonic agenda, such as the toxic vaccines, microchip, etc.

The WMD here is mind fuckery to deteriorate and stress out people via depression, loneliness, obesity, and other issues.


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