Zionists Plan for World Domination Discussion

Saturday, March 02, 2019

These men’s discussion connects the Zionists’ Plan to Zionist Israel and Juan Guiado being sent to Venezuela to take over that country. This is what I originally thought all along. It is so obvious. All the Zionists of different countries are working together for the New World Order Zionist agenda so that they will eventually place the One World Government in Zionist Israel. Then, the Zionists will control the whole earth in a totalitarian society with microchips, surveillance cameras, mass murder, other satanic tactics, and modern slavery.

Moreover, the video adds that there are already 300 Mossad agents in Venezuela. They are currently working to takeover. And, the Zionists,  such as AIPAC and other demented groups and people, are run by Zionist-occupied America to control the whole earth as their slaves .

God help us because these Zionists are fucking mentally ill…


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