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When You Work for a Boss From Hell

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Unless you are very lucky you may find yourself employed to a Boss From Hell; (BFH).  It could be inadvertent, such as when you think Ms. Des Picable is simply serious about the work, or a good boss is replaced by Mr. Ty Rant,.

The worst is when the guy you work for has cultivated some image as a great humanist or liberator and is a total Dic Tator.

At first you might think it is you, soon enough you appreciate that it is not you. Your boss is a very sick person. This is a psychopath who needs to crush people to feed his ego.

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If you can, you pack up and leave, racing out of the office, unconcerned about  pay, for escape is all that is on your mind.

If you can’t just leave, if you are forced to stay, even for a year, you often develop the worst working habits on the planet.

The effect of a BFH is to turn you into the world’s expert in Unworking. You learn to Unwork to protect your soul.

Unworking is not just not working, it is a deliberate pursuit.

You need to regain your sense of self.  And you can only do it by exerting your will. Trapped in the Office of the BFH the only way to exert your will is to avoid him, avoid the work, and distance yourself. The first step is to appreciate that this is NOT your work, this is HIS work. You don’t put your name, your heart on anything. You distance yourself.

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Bosses From Hell insult, they micro-manage, they interfere. It doesn’t take long for you to realise that the work is NOT important, tormenting the employees is the purpose of the business.

Once you realise this, you know how to protect yourself.

You know to never come early nor leave late. You know to shut off your phone so that he can’t contact you during non-working hours. You know to take your full lunch hour off the building.

You learn to slow your working time so that instead of giving eight hours, you give less than five.   Sometimes four. You learn that he will criticise everything, so you make a few errors for him to scream about. While he is screaming, you aren’t working.  When he finishes, you go hide in the bathroom for fifteen minutes as if you are so hurt.

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Hence, you have unworked for thirty minutes.

And you prepare to leave the job at the most important moment.  You leave when the work is piled up on your desk and he depends on you.

If you can, get that pay cheque and walk out and never return. If you can’t wait anymore, just go.

For escape is vital. The longer you stay, the more your integrity is compromised.


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Written by jaylar