Why You Need Promotional Products for Your Business

Promotional products ring a different bell from marketing tools. A closer look and you’ll know they’re basically the same.

From ballpens to bags to keychains, a promotional item is anything you can use to increase your brand or company reputation. In effect, your company name will be on everyone’s radar – especially your target customers.

But not everyone knows what promotional products are and what they signify. And the ones who do know are not sure how to use them.

Below are reasons why you should use more promotional items for your marketing campaign:

1. Subtle but effective

What’s great about business promotional products is that they’re not intrusive. People have no reason to refuse them – even if they see your logo and snippets of your company profile.

Some marketers make the mistake of going overboard with their promo items, not realizing that simple but useful things provide more value to customers. Take for instance ballpens, towels and paper clips. These items are not grand by any measure.

However, because people use them everyday at home or in the workplace, your company receives significant exposure with every use.

2. Affordable

For the most part, buying promotional products won’t even hurt your budget. Stick to the basics like promo ballpens, promo keychains and the like, so you can go all-out with you marketing campaign.

Some promo gifts may be a little pricey (take note that size and number can affect the price) but there’s actually a way you can offset the costs. In fact, several entrepreneurs prefer this method.

The trick? Buy in bulk.

Wholesale promotional products are cheaper. It’s like getting a discount for each item and your overall cost is but a fraction of the price you would have paid.

Besides, you’re promoting your company to as many potential clients as possible. Buying wholesale is more cost-efficient in this regard.

3. Useful

While you can choose ornamental items to add an air of creativity to your campaign, your main focus should be on everyday useful items. The more practical your promotional products, the more likely your target clients will use them.

And as mentioned, every use is free exposure. Such exposure may even extend to their peers or family members.

Useful items also give more value to your target clients. This sense of value, after constant exposure, may even evolve into subconscious trust.

Final Thoughts

Before embarking on a full-on marketing campaign, make sure you have the right promotional items in place. Always zoom in on value. Add some aesthetic gifts once in a while but don’t go overboard. Think about your clients. Your promotional products must reflect their sentiments and personal preferences.


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Written by Devin Murphy

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