Which health insurance is best for parents in India?

It is very important to get the right type of health insurance for parents. In our opinion, health insurance for parents can refer to both- an ideal plan for senior citizens, i.e. covering the health insurance for parents of the earning member or the health insurance for parents who are young couples with children. In any case, the solution to ultimate health insurance for parents is family floater health insurance. In this article we will further elaborate upon the key features and what all does a family floater health insurance entail:An overview of a family floater health insurance policyA family floater health insurance policy is a type of policy where multiple members of the same family can be provided coverage with. It is an ideal choice for a health insurance for parents because it can be maintained by a single premium which just needs to be paid annually. It makes tracking also easier for couples and earning members as it can make tracking health insurance for parents really easy. These policies also prove to be a much more cost-effective solution as compared to issuing singular policies for all. Most companies in the nation offer family floater health insurance since our nation has a culture of joint families, where parents, grandparents, and children generally live together. In most cases, the responsibility of paying health insurance premiums comes on the couples. Hence a family floater health insurance is simply ideal for health insurance for parents. Here are some more details about family floater health insurance policies:

Key features of family floater health insurance policiesA real main benefit of a family floater health insurance is that the total guaranteed sum can be extended to provide coverage to the different family members in case there is a need.  So, while buying health insurance for parents, this makes sense, since you can include the required ailments as and when you need.The biggest feature of this kind of policy is that the covered members of a family floater health insurance can opt for cashless hospitalization if the intimation is done within the first twenty-four hours of getting admitted in the hospital. However, this hospital has to be a part of the network included in your insurer’s list. Sometimes, during emergency hospitalization or in case of accidents occurring where the patient needs to be admitted to a non-network hospital, the insurer can make an exception and allow the reimbursement later. It is also an ideal health insurance for parents because it does allow a certain amount of rent per day wherein money is kept aside for hospitalization costs on a daily basis. Additionally, some family floater health insurance policies may even facilitate a co-paying basis, wherein the insurer ends up paying a certain portion of the incurred cost while the insurer pays the rest. The premium for this is much lesser as the insurer takes the burden of a portion of the costs incurred during hospitalization. This is an ideal option of health insurance for parents whose children do not fall sick often or for senior citizens who are in the best of health as they can save up on the premium and only pay when it is absolutely required.Most of the family floater health insurance providers require a medical examination if the assured sum is quite high. This may also be required when you are actually buying a health insurance for parents as they are of an older age group and are likely to have a medical history. Some of these insurers would also offer some policies online wherein a declaration of good health by the policyholder can go free without any sort of medical check-up involved.Top options for family floater health insurance policies

Let’s look at some of the top family floater health insurance policies which you can consider:

Happy Family Floater by Oriental General InsuranceThe top feature of this particular plan include offering coverage for children, spouse as well as parents and parents-in-law. Therefore Happy Family Floater by Oriental General Insurance is a recommended health insurance for parents too. This plan is designed so that husband and wife can take care of their respective parents hassle-free by offering them the best health insurance for parents.

Heartbeat Family First by Max BupaThis plan by Max Bupa covers the costs of hospitalization for any of the members of the family. Pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization are also included in this particular policy. It is also a great choice of health insurance for parents who have just started a family because it covers maternity benefits as well as all the cost incurred with a newborn.


Complete Health Insurance by ICICI LombardThe best part about this particular policy is that there is no maximum age for a participant of the policy making it a great health insurance for parents who have crossed the retirement age long ago. Additionally, people under the age of forty-six do not need to undergo a medical checkup either. The policy also offers cashless facilities and many more additional features such as pre and post hospitalization.

Optima Restore by Apollo MunichAnother great policy by Apollo Munich gives a higher duration of pre and post hospitalization as compared to any other policy. Firstly, the pre-hospitalization is for about 60 days and the post-hospitalization coverage is for 180 days.Remember to narrow down your ailments depending upon the different conditions of the family members. All of the aforementioned policies are great options as family floater health insurance policies. As a family person, including all, is always considered ideal and you should do just that by opting for a family floater health insurance as it is the best health insurance for parents, for children and for the whole family.

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