When the $ runs out then WHAT??

Hello my fellow friends, how you all doing? I know I haven’t wrote nothing in awhile & well to be honest I really haven’t had a lot to talk about till now when I seen on the news about Social Security ending soon I bout fell out,  here I am 60 yrs old & looking to get on my S S & this pops up WT? I swear if it wasn’t for BAD luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all, it’s enough to drive me slap UP A TREE at times, I can’t win for losing in life.

I don’t want to sound like the worst person on this earth when it comes to people on gov benefits but DARN IT when it comes to people that don’t REALLY need to be on it why take it from the ones that deserve it is my (B) like these that are on food stamps & gov benefits that CAN work but don’t want to cause they TOO (D) LAZY….

If it wasn’t for the health problems I have going on with my neck & back don’t THINK for a MIN I wouldn’t be out there on a job making what ever I could, rather it be working inside or outside it DON’T matter to me, I don’t mind working, I love working to earn MY WAY! It’s the so called people thinking we OWE them what they get.

Like the ones that really have no right in our country but here anyway & get what they get that’s NOT right & those that live off the gov like they do cause they think they deserve it cause they CAN that’s B S in my book NO get your sorry ? off the couch & get a job & earn a LIVING like 99.99.999% of us has had to do to make it.

Nothing more gets me so PO about people is those that take for granted what they get in life & that’s JUST not right & when the $ runs out cause of it then all HELL breaks lose & everybody goes off the deep end & stupid cause they LET it happen & think it’s nothing to worry about well IT IS something to worry about & it’s too late.

This is WHY Trump is doing what he’s doing to keep those that deserve the ones that’s worked ALL their lives & putting those that CAN work out there but here’s the thing there’s jobs now & good $ for working but no 1 is taking the hint to get off their LAZY A!! to go get a job cause it’s easier to get paid for NOTHING now days. :>{

How do you feel about all of this? Do you think it’s right for those that hasn’t worked that CAN work get $ they don’t deserve or do you think the same way I do on this that they SHOULD be MADE to work B-4 getting ANY benefits till they’re a certain age or till they are where they CAN’T work I would love to hear your thoughts.


What do you think?


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