When Should You Hire an Employment Lawyer?

Your local employment law can be intricate enough to understand. It becomes more complicated due to continuous changes. So when do you really need to hire employment lawyers? If you are running an HVAC company, you hardly know the legal terminology. Similarly, for people who work as technicians in many relevant companies do not know about the specific laws to defend themselves while they harassed or misbehavior at the workplace.

An employment law attorney specializes in cases where conflict takes place between an employer/company/manager/supervisor and employee.  They assist and advise both parties and represent them before federal or state agencies or courts. These types of cases commonly come under civil law so they can be performed efficiently by professionals who practice civil law.

Reasons to hire Employment Lawyers as an Employee

The employees who are not a member of any workers union are often encountered unlawful action by their employers. They often find themselves impotent to make any allegation against the hirer. While most of the times the reason behind this scenario is the fear of losing a job or unpaid remunerations. Following are some of the situations when you need to hire an employment law attorney –

  • Harassment  and discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Violation of employee protection law by the employer
  • Threats or forced to sign a contract waiving your employment prerequisite
  • Not getting the benefits entitled to you in the employment agreement.

In these situations, you can consult to qualified wrongful termination lawyers. They will investigate and provide you appropriate legal advice. You should delay the process if you finally intend to because it will only make it difficult for you.

Hiring Employment Law Attorney as an Employer

There are cases where the employer needs certain help as well to understand labor law compliances and need to be present as a plaintiff before state or federal court.

  • Litigation – Prevention, Management, and Defense
  • Discrimination or harassment allegation filed by the employee
  • You plan to layoff or fire a large number of employees, terminate an employee benefit, or change the current pension plan you are offering.
  • Violation of agreement in terms of minimum wage and overtime
  • You need representation for a collective bargaining negotiation

So if you’re a boss and facing the challenge by one of the employees, it is necessary to retain employment lawyers. They will help you throughout the process. If you think you haven’t violated any rules still you require to have an experienced employment law attorney by your side.


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