What is the Greatest Crime in History?

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Dr. Vernon Coleman explains that this Cornyflu Plandemic scare is just a hoax. He talks about how it all started, as well as how governments have lied to push the agenda. Around the end of February, masks were stated to be useless. He even predicted that this Cornyflu was used to create a cashless society and kill off the elderly.

Cornyflu was downgraded to flu level, but used as a WMD by the Zionist Government to control the masses into slavery.

Suicides have immensely increased, as well as unemployment. Maybe these suicides were due to the high employment and layoffs. 

More people have died of regular flu than cornyflu.

Cornyflu Plandemic is not just a Zionist hoax for the New World Agenda, but it is also the greatest crime in history.


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