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What happened to My Approved Virily payment?

I have been hearing that other Virily members  have received their payment once again for the month. I have $11.41 and no sign of payment being issued to me.

I did receive my first payment a few months ago. I thought I would have received it last month, but I did not. Now, my dashboard states that I have earned once again over $10.00.  

Has the rules changed? Is anyone else having this same problem. If anyone knows how to solve this problem of mine leave the answer in the comment box below. I know mistakes can happen why payments tend to get overlooked. I hope they resolve my problem.

I will try to message Virily support, and see if they can help straighten this concern of mine out.


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Written by LaJenna


    • Carol Natalie did not tell me I would not get it. She just told me it was given at the end of the month. I hope I can still get it now.

  1. Did you check that you entered the payment method? I mean just in case. I guess if its setup already then only the admin could give you the answer and help you out! Contact them! They probably miss out on your payment…

    • I heard from Natalie, and payment is not due till the end of July. I feel I will receive it then, but why did some get it already hmmmmm. I am glad again

      • Oh you’ll receive for may in july, if my memory doen’t fail me…
        meaning those who got it is probably for April…

        Like I’ve for June reached the amount and will only get payment in August … :/
        I actually kinda hates it this way … lol
        halfway through, I just lost count especially given their way outdated earning dashboard…

        • This always confuses me as well. I really just keep doing what I do. I see some people post earnings here. I don’t really get that either. Humm, maybe there are many things I don’t get lol.

  2. Sorry to hear about this, its happened to me before but I did receive payment today. First in about 3 months. I hope you get it sorted out soon. Ask Nathalie or management they are pretty good at these things.

    • Thank you Pam! I did talk with Natalie and she told me payment is given at the end of the month. Hopefully mine is coming up soon.

  3. Where on the dashboard does it show how much money that you have earned? I would like to know if and when I will reach payout too! I usually only promote sites that I have already been paid out from.
    So I would like to promote Virily, but only after I get my first payment.

  4. Sorry to hear about this. I am afraid I cannot help you because I have not reached my payoff yet. But messaging Virily support is a good idea. Also you might talk to Tasartcraft, Alex Ledante, Carol DM. I think they might have some answers or ideas about your upcoming late payment.