What Are The Types Of Custom Pillow Packaging Boxes?

Pillow is a cute and attractive shape, that resembles the sleeping pillow. Packaging engineers smoothly and elegantly shaped the cardboard into this shape. This shape has revolutionized the industry and lifted to the skies in an aesthetic and innovative way. This mesmerizing and up to the standard shape grasp the attention of the customers and escalates the sales. This is because the cardboard material when applied with add-ons and coatings then looks amazing. There are a couple of ways where you can opt for the best type for boxes and sell your product.

Window pillow boxes

These are boxes with windows in it, such windows are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Windows are made up of PVC transparent sheets and it is used for a couple of reasons.

  • This provides a clear view of the product to the customer
  • This shows the inside product
  • This increase the impression rate
  • Customer satisfaction is also linked with this
  • These are the cost-efficient and best alternative to the glass packaging

Pillow boxes use the window in it when you are planning to pack chocolates, gifts, sweets and other luxurious items in it. This increases the impact of the product and escalates the sales.

Cardboard pillow boxes

Cardboard is the most widely used material in the USA. It is easily available and reflects the high amount of light through its surface. So, it has a smooth surface that appends extra glossy look in the box. So, getting up to the mark, topnotch quality and high-end finishing options cardboard is considered as the best material. In addition to this, cardboard material made boxes are used for cosmetic items, retail products, and all other non-food items. Moreover, windows can also be applied with finishing options. Such finishing options are the following; gloss UV coating, Matte and other effects. The main purpose behind all these phenomena is to increase the value of the box and deliver a better experience to the customers. For example, I phone boxes are rigid in material and append extra value that enhanced the user’s unboxing experience.

Matte effects on pillow boxes

Matte effects are an additional finishing option, that increases the look of the box and makes it handier. Matte effects grab the attention of the customer and reveal an extra mesmerizing look to the customer. On the other hand, matte effects show, even minor scratches and lines. So, it is only used for the opulent and luxurious product’s packaging.

Glossy effects

Glossy effects are like a glass sheet, it is a sheet that is layered on the box and appends extra appealing and tantalizing look in the box. So, glossy effects are a little bit costlier and enhanced the user experience. This packaging surface is good for the food items, this is because it reflects the sunlight and other UV rays. In this way, the lifecycle of the food is increased. So, getting layer cartons with glossy effects increases the product’s worth.

Foiling pillow boxes

Custom pillow boxes are also foiled in a variety of designs and styles. Usually, gold and silver foiled layers are top of the list. You can append bronze, copper and other foils. These are implemented on the whole cardboard made a sheet or only at the logo and text. When these are applied to the text, it appends a luxurious look in the box and increases the price of the box. Usually, it is used on gifts, watches, ties and other costly items. So, this type has also enhanced product impression and safety.

This box shape is appealing and every customer demands unique shape boxes. These are handy, catchy and convenient for the customer to carry products anywhere. These are best during traveling, transportation, gifts, and parties. Almost all the parties and wedding use pillow shape boxes and you can also use at baby showers and wedding showers. Customized and personalized boxes yield your desired text and your own logo printed on the box. So, make your events amazing and up to the mark for all the customers. Moreover, there are many other shapes and types of pillow boxes that you can order online. Alibaba is the best example that comprises almost all kinds of pillow boxes in the packaging industry.


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