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Ways to Attract more clients to your business in 2020

Though you have built your local core customer group, a businessman always craves for new clients and that is the key to upscale your business in the longer run. Your regular customer can never run your business in the distant future, they either move away or fall on bad break.

A businessman always needs to make sure that his business in gaining new clients. A stream of diverse consumers helps you to keep your service solid and your products innovative. They keep your business on toes and with the help of their suggestions and reviews, your business reaches new heights.

If you are facing low revenues or immobility, this is the time to try new and creative ways to market your business for new clients. While you are on it, it’s most likely that you will need more team members to help your way through and managing a bigger team is a challenge itself, taking help from teamwork time tracker would be a wise idea.

So, here are some of the new ways to attract new or more clients to your business in 2020.

Collaborate with other businesses

If you are reading this article you probably already know you need to identify the perfect audience for your business. But the question is how? The answer is actually very simple.

  • Look for a similar business like yours, research what they are providing. Make a small list of their establishments. See what your ideal client is supporting. Then approach that business and ask them to create some kind of partnership
  • Think of an offer that you can give to their existing customers. Take an example of RedBull and GoPro. They both target adventurous people. While GoPro sells portable cameras for sports and RedBull as we all know sells energy drinks, they both are lifestyle brands. Let’s say if you are a swimming trainer, contact a nearby sports shop, and ask them to offer free training sessions with the purchase of certain swimming accessories.

You don’t have to stop there. While you are gaining traffic from other businesses, you need to find a way to convert them. To do this, try offering membership cards and coupons for the second visit.

Organize in-person events

Holding this kind of event is a great way to let people know your brand. If you are a photographer offer free portfolios, or if you are running a gym arrange public workout sessions in parks. Clothing brand owners can offer live printing events.

While hosting the show, always allow your visitors, to sign up for free giveaways. After collecting the information tell your visitors that you will be sending updates or coupons through emails or whatever suits you. In the case of online stores, create your own hashtags for social media contests.

Inspire your current clients to support your business

As a businessman, we have all heard of the old saying that gaining new clients cost more than retaining the existing ones. And this saying is still considered true, your existing client is more valuable in many ways. They are able to bring more clients by recommending it to their friends, family, and wide social network.

Word of mouth marketing is by far the best way to generate hype around your business. It is possible that some of your customers will do this kind of marketing on their own, but most of them might want something in return. Think of some kind of referral program, offer some discounts in exchange for shout-outs.

For instance, if you are developing some kind of software, let’s say it is an employee monitoring software, you should offer your existing client 1 year of free subscription or initial discounts. This will not only help you with brand awareness and reach more potential clients but also, they can become the advocates of your product or affiliates, which can be quite helpful for your business in the long run


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Written by Oliver Johnson

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