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Whether it is at a wedding or a funeral, a supermarket to a football match, there are people who will approach the lawyer with some ‘issue’.

The fact this is Sally’s wedding or Grandma’s funeral,   that this is the produce aisle of the supermarket  or the season final doesn’t matter.   There are people who   see  a lawyer in public and decide that now is the time to get free advice.

So they come up to the lawyer and begin to blather. 

The young lawyer may ask questions about the issue as if it is a matter they have been retained for.

The experienced will say nothing; in fact, probably ignore what is being said.  When an answer is requested, the experienced lawyer will advise the questioner to attend  their chambers.

In most  of these encounters, nothing comes of it.  No documents, statements, etc ever materialises.  This is because  people who come up to a lawyer at a social engagement are dealing with a  ‘MacGuffin’,  that is something to distract from reality.

For example; they may know for a fact that the property they are ‘claiming’ was sold or mortgaged, and the mortgage wasn’t paid.    They wear the robe of the ‘victim’ to get people to feel sorry for them. They will whine about how their property was ‘stolen’.

In reality, if this was true they would have come to a lawyer’s office the second they learned of the situation, not happen to bounce into one at a football match.

When encountering some one like this at a social venue, advise them to come to Chambers.  

Don’t give advice, just nod.


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