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Do You Want To Know What Is The First Ingredient Of Success In Business?

Well then, let’s begin:

I have a story to share. This is a story of my friend from the province. She’s a successful entrepreneur. I asked her what’s the secret of success. She answered me, “Posture”.


I was shocked at first. It took me a while to understand how posture makes her successful. I have actually forgotten about her answer, but I managed to remember it.

I gave it a try to look at people who have good posture; people I’ve seen either in TV or in Person. And the result was amazing. Most of them actually are successful. Most of them are CEO’s, Managers, Business Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and even the Celebrities.

As you can see, they all look great; no one is slouching. They look confident and very well suited. They look great and fine; and most of all they look very respectable, content and happy.

I thought at first that you only get a nice posture when you’re confident. But actually, it is posture that makes you feel confident. It is posture that makes you feel calm. It is posture that keeps you at ease. And it is posture that makes you feeL happy.

Have you observed, that when you’re sad “You slouch.” And when you’re relax and confident “You sit properly, walk properly, smile and connect.” Not only I have observed that, I have also realized that when you choose to sit properly and smile, even when you’re sad awhile ago, you’ll feel at ease.

It’s like solving accounting problems, “Work back method.” Our teacher will give us a problem with a final answer; our task is to complete the statement, find the missing numbers. We find the solution of the problem.

So, in order to feel confident regardless of the situation, we needed to have a good posture.

Remember that confidence is the key in every life successes. No matter how good or intelligent your are, no matter how best your product is; if you don’t have confidence to promote it, you will never succeed.

In other words, confidence can be maintained by having a good posture.Hope that inspires everyone reading.

Thank you very much.

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Written by Roselyn Mina

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