Venice Beach, LA in 2020: Homelessness & Tent City

Thursday, October 22, 2020

While browsing on Youtube, I watched some current videos about the homelessness in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. LA is being destroyed, filled with unemployed homeless people, and no one is helping them. I think this is how it is in all the cities, LA, NYC, Chicago, etc.

#4 My snapshot of Venice Beach in Mid-2000s

Around 2010, I went there with my mother and her friend, and we checked out the art walk at Venice Beach. I also knew an African-American on old Myspace who said he often went to Venice Beach for a drum circle. 

This is my snapshot I took at Venice Beach around 2010. The artwalk was very active, clean and normal. I took this photograph with my Minolta 5000 with 50mm lens film camera. 


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