Vegan Shopping

Monday, 12.31.18, a little after midnight…New Year’s Eve

I cannot sleep tonight. So, I watch a stand-up comedy show with Nick Cannon on the indie channel, I browse through AAA’s Westways magazine. The January/February 2019 issue has interesting ideas, such as vegan stores and lots of retro houses and retro home decor. All these stores are located somewhere in California, but I will add the websites here if anyone wants to check it out.

  1. Honey Belle has a store in Brea, California, but its online shopping website is; Brea is close to Fullerton and Anaheim because I used to go to the Brea Mall when I lived in Fullerton.
  2. Moo Shoes is located in Silver Lake, California, which is in Los Angeles, where many hipsters hang out. Its website is
  3. ODE Natural Beauty skincare is located in McEvoy Ranch in Marin County, which is near San Francisco. Its website is
  4. Facial Lounge is located in located in Corona Del Mar, California, which is nearby Irvine, around 9 miles from my townhouse. Actually, Corona Del Mar beach is my favorite local beach, as well as it was a college hangout. Its website is
  5. Bonblissity is located in San Pedro, California, which is in the Los Angeles area. Its website is

I added my snapshot of my vegan thanksgiving meal that I ate at Veggie Grill.


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