Vancouver Canada Protest Against NWO Lockdown

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

On Sunday, May 24th, many people in Vancouver, Canada, marched for freedom and rights, as well as against the tyrannical, totalitarian, and satanic New World Order agenda.

I have been to Vancouver and Victoria, in the summer of 1982, after high school graduation. I went with relatives via greyhound bus from Disneyland. It was a 3-day bus trip, which was an interesting overall adventure through the west coast from California to Oregon to Washington and into Canada.

That woman’s leopard-print accessories—umbrella and gloves—are cool.

Basically, their message is fighting back this N.W.O. satanic agenda with Spiritual War via united we stand and divided we fall for freedom. It also involves praying and meditating a lot.

That man is right. Those Zionist Luciferians need to create enough fear to impose the vaccines and microchip for further control into their One World New World Order agenda. He also talks about all the lies about this Cornyflu Plandemic on the Zionist Media to push their agenda.

They also chant, “Trudeau Must Go!”

They also add that this Cornyflu is 98% recovery.

But as the group walked continued their march, they did run into some idiots who were against this protest. I think elderly should be quarantined because they have a weak immunity system as well as they have many bodily issues. The healthcare industry needs to create more assistance for the elderly because they get sick easily, regardless of what illnesses or conditions they get.

Wow, they run into some crazy retards, harassing them. That is what happens when people are divided, which creates chaos. This is what the Zionist media is trying to encourage and push to the masses, so there will be more revolutions and chaos, which will lead to bringing in the Order out of Chaos martial law and start their New World Order agenda that they have been crying for, for a long time.

They encounter more stupid people on their freedom march. Some didn’t want to be in camera, in fear of losing their job. The stupid people appear to be a small percentage, which is a good thing, because it indicates more and more people are waking up from all the lies and maybe the lockdown meditation period.

“Fear is the new virus.”


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