Use IoT rfid technology to ensure food safety

Food safety is vital to everyone. We can use IoT rfid technology to ensure food safety.

We can put RFID tags on food. RFID can read link information to trace food information, ensuring food safety and traceability, standardizing food production, processing, circulation and consumption, rice, flour, oil, meat, dairy products, etc.

All foods are issued with an “electronic ID card”, and a food safety database is established, which is affixed from the food growing and production and processing links to track and trace the entire process from farm to table, including transportation. All information in the process of circulation, packaging, packaging, sales, etc., such as production bases, processing enterprises, distribution companies, etc. can be found in the database through electronic tags.

Attach RFID or attach electronic information label on the product. After the product is processed, the label information is recognized, and the Xinyang digital transmission terminal LoRa/NB-IoT/DTU transmits the data to the product source cloud server. The cloud computing will Data collation, presentation in the management system, the customer can present the security information of the client to all aspects of the product.

Really a great idea.We also can use NFC, It is great,but NFC is different from RFID, you can look here:

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