Unto The Third Generation – part 13

After Eric walked away from the business,  Sam and John had to take up his responsibilities  They worked themselves into exhaustion.

They  had never  realised how much work,  how much life,  their father,  and more importantly, their brother, Eric, had invested in the company.

As the years passed, their wives left them, their kids became strangers.   Sam and John  had very little ‘time off’.  They worked.

They worked every day, early to late, struggling to keep the company as it was.  Often they thought of Eric and wished he hadn’t left.

And while they worked, while they thought of Eric, their ‘baby’ brother, David spent money.  Their children wasted money.   They more money, the more was spent.

Meanwhile,  Eric  lazed in Paradise.

He fell in love with and married the sister of the owner of the Guest House where he stayed.

Beverly was a teacher at a nearby primary school.  She believed Eric Nathan had retired from his company early due to injury and was on a reasonable pension.  Just enough to keep him at the Guest House and buy his food and whatever else he needed.

When he married Beverly, Eric didn’t want to leave the Guest House.   For him it was a sanctuary, a place he felt comfortable.   For the first time in his life he felt he belonged.

He spoke to his brother in law and was able to buy it from him, at probably an inflated price.  Along with the purchase, Eric had to assist him, financially, in opening another Guest House on the other side of the island.

Eric claimed to have invested his money in a number of stocks which paid well and he claimed to have sold some to  make the purchase.  He told his brother in law not to tell Beverly, for she might think it was a bad investment.


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Written by jaylar