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Under Pressure!

I truly used to love my job. This new detail has been a nightmare. They built it up to sound like something fabulous and the longer we stay the more restrictive and horrible it gets! However, I have a family to take care of so I am going to make it work, and then it will probably kill me. Such is life.

It seems they are trying to morph something into something that it is not. It can’t last forever, at least for me! seems like I am so much under pressure it’s on here twice. I think I will just leave it as is. I am really trying to go with the flow, and I am get carried way too far down stream.


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  1. i actually drove down to DC on Tuesday to visit my customer (and to get my new security badge has to be done in person).

    i cannot tell you how different my job is now from what it was just 5 months ago.

    Plus, when you are alone only with your thoughts, it is easy to be overwhelmed. you will make it!

    • It seems like I have three different types of conversations in my new work
      1. I am a scammer
      2. I am grateful
      3. I am more frustrated than I have ever been before.

      I wish I was more prepared to deal with all of them. I fear that by the time I master it we will be done.


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