Trump Supporters March to Supreme Court in Washington DC

Sunday, 11.15.20

I continue to check out videos about Election Fraud. They seemed to have found many types of fraud, include using Sharpie Markers to mark ballots, Dominion Software glitches, backdating ballots, mail-in ballots, hacking, etc.Legal votes are being recounted, and illegal votes discarded. Many Republicans and Trump Supporters fill the streets of Washington DC, as well as other cities, to support Trump to fight back.

#3 An unusual path to a Trump election win; French politician calls out Biden’s ties to China | NTD

Sunday, November 15, 2020

This video continues discusses the Election Fraud, especially using a Sharpie black marker to mark ballots, which was bleeding to the other side and messing up the whole ballot card, including the other votes.

When people voted “red,” they chose freedom instead of socialism. The democratic party promote socialism.

The French politician doesn’t even understand how Biden got that much votes. He adds that Biden has connections with the CCP.


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