Trump Reopens Schools in Autumn 2020: All Children Matter

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Trumps talks about reopening schools because he realizes that everyone wants to move on with their life. He even adds that there are minimum deaths from this “China virus” in America. Young people rarely get it.

He is going to open schools in autumn 2020, around the end of August and early September, depending on the school system.

Oh, but the young people will still need to wear face-covering muzzles. I wonder if there will be minimal people in each class so that they can space out chairs and desks…but I think it is going to be the New Normal reopening…

They all explain that they have everything to fight this cornyflu plandemic. And, it appears that the death rate is at its lowest, as well as lower than most countries.

“All Children Matter”

Trump states that USA has a good relationship with Mexico, and they will be meeting with them soon.


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