Top wedding decor ideas for a lavish Bengali wedding

Bengali weddings are marked with simplicity, elegance and beauty. We see a gorgeous bride clad in red and white Benarasi, and a resplendent groom in a crisp dhoti-Punjabi. The combination of vibrant rituals and auspicious shankh-uloo makes Bengali weddings a grand affair! To make it more memorable and grander, one can consider a wedding loan or a marriage loan. With the help of such a personal loan, you too could have a big fat wedding without burning a hole in your pocket at once.

Be it a traditional Bengali wedding or a fusion of contemporary and traditions, there are so many things you can do to give it a more opulent touch. Here are some of the ideas:

1. Tottwo decor ideas

On the morning of the wedding day, the groom gets his haldi ritual done first. Tottwo, much like a huge gift bag, is sent to the bride. It consists of a huge decorated raw fish, boxes of sweets, mishti doi (sweet curd), clothes and jewellery. You can decorate the fish with a small cotton saree, apply sindoor on its forehead, and complement it with jewellery like a Nath, earrings or a necklace.

You will have guests coming to your place. Spruce up the décor by placing different gifts on different cardboard trays. You can also add a note that includes a customized message for the person you are sending it to. Flowers also add more colour to the décor. If you want something fresh, ask your florist to decorate the house with fresh orchids or lilies. The preference is yours. The cost of the same can be managed with your wedding loan.

2. Kola Gaach decor ideas

On the evening of the wedding, a traditional Bengali mandap is set up. Such a mandap is unique and offbeat. A large flat stone, surrounded by four baby banana trees, is decorated for the groom to sit on. Most couples do not follow these hard and fast rituals anymore, but kola gaach or banana tree, is definitely a part of the wedding decoration.

If you are looking to add more zing to the décor, try adding some fairy lights to the banana trees. Fluffy pillows on sofas so that your guests are comfortable. If you are bored with chairs, create a corner with some comfortable matters so guests can sit comfortably.

3. Reception room decor ideas

Flowers, namely tuberose, rose and marigold, form a very important part of the mandap decoration. If you take a personal loan for a wedding, you can ensure that each ceremony gets decorated lavishly, using more flowers, newer styles and more innovative ideas. The reception room is also decorated heavily with flowers. Leaves are used too to ensure a perfect balance of colours.

A reception is a celebration with food, any Bengali would adhere to that. Even if you plan to serve a traditional feast, how about a dessert corner filled some of the best treats. A beverage corner with hot chocolate and flavoured tea and coffee. Your personal loan for the wedding can cover all these expenses.

4. Phoolshojya decor ideas

Phoolshojya, the last ceremony in any Bengali wedding, calls for beautiful decorations. On the night of the reception, the groom’s bedroom is decorated with floral strings of tuberose and rose, diyas and candles. Fairy lights can be a good option if you don’t want candles. Don’t want traditional flowers? Ask your florist for the next best thing.

A personal loan for wedding can help you manage these expenses and more. Tata Capital lets you avail quick marriage loans so that you do not need to wait a long time to plan the day. However, make sure you check your personal loan eligibility and then apply for a personal loan for wedding today!


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Written by Radha L

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