Top 5 High Rise Building Maintenance Tips for investors and residence-owners

In this age, we have so many high-rise buildings and this is something which has deeply affected the maintenance industry. Right from the regular maintenance to the color of the walls, ceilings, and floors, creating a hygienic environment and also taking care of special fire safety and security needs, lots of things need to be done when it comes to high rise building maintenance on a large scale.

Here is a list of the issues which have to be addressed when you are having a high-rise building maintenance:

Security Issues 

One of the major problems that all high-rise owners face is security. As we know that security is one of the major things that people look forward to while wanting to live a healthy life. The high-rise building maintenance major issue at hand is security. High-quality security surveillance cameras with proper inbuilt recording devices can be installed in the parking spaces, in podiums, inside lobbies, and in other major areas, to keep a track of who enters the high-rise premises on normal days and on days of the occasion. Therefore, it is important that you evaluate the crimes in your area and accordingly pitch the idea for more security people in the building.

Elevator maintenance issues

The next major high-rise building maintenance issue is that of the elevator. As we know that in high rises the key component of the building is the elevator of the building. Therefore, it is required that we have the smooth functioning lift in order to ensure that we have proper management in the building. This will help us a lot when we are trying to do a maintenance check.  Therefore, this is also a very important issue at hand. We are required to ensure that this aspect of the high-rise building maintenance is also covered.

Operating costs 

The next major issue at hand is ensuring that all the operating costs are covered. This, however, might create a little bit of a problem for the people who are living in the high rise. In the high-rise building maintenance, the major problem is that the tenants in the building are required to pay more. They may be flat owners or just rent people. Therefore, they have higher operating costs. This aspect actually creates some issues in the building with the people living in the building. Proper etiquette and building maintenance sense and hygiene are to be maintained by all. Proper communication, rentals from time to time, and taking care of the common premises of the building ensures proper bonding among homeowners. The same applies to commercial places as well.

Tenant’s refusal to pay 

The next issue at hand was that most of the times it has been seen that tenants do not pay their maintenance charges on time. This is a very common case in the high rises as most of the time there is always some confusion between the landowners and the renters of the house that who is the one to bear the maintenance services.  Therefore, this is one of the most major issues at hand which all high rise building maintenance agencies have to face.

Fire safety issues 

The next major other issues at hand is having fire safety issues. The fire safety issues are something which all high-rise building maintenance agencies have to make sure that they have the ability to ensure the safety of all the people living in the high rise. Proper certified and high rating smoke alarms, partitions and smoke barriers can be installed to make the high-rise premises safe and secure.

Therefore, these are some of the major issues that all high-rise building maintenance face issues.


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Written by Oliva Wilson

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