‘Tis The Season For Special Events – And Security

Keep Everyone Safe With Professional Security Services

This is a big time of year for big events.

From shows and concerts, to festive holiday gatherings, to all the many sports match-ups scheduled this time of year, there are lots of opportunities for large crowds of people to gather together in one location.

That makes for a fun time… but it also makes for a security challenge.

Your qualified professional security firm wants you and your organization “armed” with all the procedures and personnel needed to keep everyone safe during this big time for big events.

If you’re planning a big event in the near future – and especially if you haven’t done this sort of planning very often – have you considered all the “angles” necessary to keep guests and participants safe?

You have expert help standing by – call your security firm for a full assessment, to make sure all the bases are covered and the event is enjoyable – and safe – for everyone.

An Expert Professional Security Assessment Will Help Protect Your Event

Experienced event planners know there’s no substitute for a well-thought-out security plan… the kind that comes from careful consideration of several factors with which your professional security firm will have deep expertise.

Here are just a few of these considerations:

  • Security personnel.  Do you need armed guards, or will unarmed security personnel be adequate for your venue?  And do the people you’re planning to engage for your event have the right amount and kind of experience?  Make sure to ask your security firm for a run-down on the personnel they’re planning to assign to your event… at least the crew leaders should have many years of experience with events similar to yours.
  • Role of security personnel.  Do you need the entire property monitored through regular patrols before, during, and for some time after the event?  The parking lot… the common areas… secured areas… an expert security firm will make solid recommendations for what’s needed in all parts of your venue.
  • Coordination with local agencies.  Your event security plan should be created in partnership with local law enforcement agencies and the fire department.  If you’re using an experienced professional security firm, they will be thoroughly familiar with what it takes to achieve these partnerships, both for routine security and for special circumstances.
  • Eventuality response planning.  What happens if a guest has a medical emergency?  What if, Heaven forbid, a general emergency such as a fire, natural disaster, or act of violence occurs?  Your event plan needs to anticipate these possibilities, and your security firm should be able to make clear recommendations on planned responses.  If bad guys are targeting your event, they’ll have put some thought into their nefarious plans… make sure your security personnel are at least a couple of steps ahead of them!

If your event planning staff is new to the game… or if your annual event has suffered security or safety problems in the past which might have been missed by a “rookie” security firm… your smart move is to get in touch with a truly professional security company before the next event.


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Written by James Shrider

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