These Fictional Characters Manage Their Finances Better Than Most Millennials

We’re no stranger to major fandoms in the 21st century. We’ve had Lord of the Rings. We’ve seen the Boy Who Lives. Star Wars came out in a universe not so far away, not so long ago. But it’s safe to say most millennial fans could agree: there’s nothing like a window into the world of your favorite fictional character. Especially now that we’re so good at comparing ourselves to one another.

Don’t you ever wonder what the funds of our favorite characters would look like, especially when our own leave something to be desired? C’mon. How does Harry Potter actually pay for school? Trust funds go far, but …

Credit Card Compare put together a list of some of their top movie icons to explore just how our favorite fictional characters fund their lifestyles. Here’s how their credit cards and credit limit might look.

James Bond

Everybody is familiar with the James bond, the character of the famous 007 movies. James bond does not have to pay anything from his own pockets. No matter how costly the car he drives or stayed in a 5-star hotel in Venice. He must be having a credit card with an unlimited credit limit. Everything that 007 buys is paid by the agency.

Credit Limit: Unlimited // Credit Score: Excellent

He spends most of his money on drinks, his three-piece Tom ford suite and for the hotels. Moreover, the card will have a feature of changing names and have cutting edge technology.

Can’t we have one, too?

Tony Stark

One of our favorite fandom universes comes from Marvel. Ultimately, Tony Stark is a fun superhero to watch, if only because of his fancy technical innovation. And he’s a billionaire, who made most of his money from selling his inventions. He is a person with money and a brain. It’s likely Mr. Stark has an excellent credit score and a high limit, even if Pepper Pots has to remind him to pay it every month.

Credit Score: Excellent // Credit Limit: $500,000

Ironman mostly likes to spend his money on his collection of expensive cars and of course the interior of his house.

Bruce Wayne

DC comics is not famous for its heroes but also the supervillains. Well, the joker is my favorite villain who is a homicide criminal must have an expensive card. Batman is also a very wealthy person. Bruce Wayne aka Batman likes to spend his time chasing the criminals in Gotham city.

Credit Score: Excellent // Credit Limit: $500,000

He spends most of his money on bat equipment. However, his credit card will have the famous Batman mark and have cutting edge technology.

Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived successfully graduated from Hogwarts School of Wizards and married to beautiful Ginny Weasley. He is very famous around the wizarding world because everyone knows he’s, well, the boy who lived against the dark lord.

Credit Score: Very Good // Credit Limit: $5,000

Harry’s card has the feature to turn muggle money to wizard money. Moreover, a spell is cast on the card that will save his credit card from the hackers. As a famous wizard, shouldn’t you have some security measures?

Oh, and Gringotts bank gives a percentage back on every purchase.

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