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The Ways of Entertaining Clients

The word business is very complex in terms of taking the leading role in different industries. There are so many factors that need to consider in starting up a business, launching a product and even the way of targeting the market. All of these factors are the main reason for the success of a business. Thus, the total package of a business will not always rely on tangible things. It will always come into consideration for the intangible things such as providing a good service to the consumers.

The success of a business will come into capturing the attention of the target clients or consumers. How can a company survive without a target market? The basic way to capture the target is to show hospitality. It wasn’t that difficult since we can gauge the buying signal from consumers or clients while having sales pitch to them.

How to integrate hospitality in the sales pitch?

1. Give Gifts

In every company, it is the way of letting the clients feel special. Whatever the gifts are given, it is a sign of appreciation for spending time with certain companies. As they said, we need to treat our clients like “king” or “queen”. It is also a good impression and will stick to clients’ minds a good gesture.

2. Dine Together

For some reason, a business date is an effective way to open a door for future transactions with the clients. A perfect venue to get to know each other. Of course, we need to consider what kind of restaurant that is appropriate for business transactions. But then, the company should also consider if it is worth to dine out a client. This is a concern with regard to the company’s expenditures.

3. Have A Banquet

This is a good occasion where the higher-ups in the company formally introduced themselves to their target clients. Some companies cannot do such activity due to time constraints. However, the importance of delegating tasks are far important than doing it all. A great opportunity for a banquet is in celebrating the company’s anniversary.

4. Socialization In The Bar

Another way of entertaining our clients, socialization in a bar. Since some clients have party-goers, a big step to capture their interests. That’s the reason why marketers are doing some research to win over their competitors. It is also part of celebrating the success of certain projects in bar-hopping in the city. We can’t deny this since it happens in the business world. However, we still need to consider the culture of certain clients since some of them are from foreign countries.

5. Go Sightseeing

Since some clients are target investors, they tend to travel a lot. One of the good points for marketers is to treat the clients to have a short tour especially if they are not familiar with the country. It also a good strategy to let the clients feel relax while having business transactions. It will clear out the stress and good negotiation will be the end result.

These are the only basic ways to show hospitality to our target clients. Most people working in the company have all the uniqueness in capturing the attention of their target clients. Either in small or big scale type of business, we still need to close a deal from them. A big success for having a signing of contracts.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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