The Spider’s Web: Britain’s 2nd Empire documentary

Monday, August 3, 2020

The Spider’s Web, Britain’s 2nd Empire

This video is an interesting documentary about how the British transformed from a colonial power to a financial power. Brits want to capture a large market share. They prefer trusts, usually at offshore business. The system protects the few powerful people who actually benefit from it.

This title reminded me of the movie, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, in which I think has to do with Sweden’s Spider Web because that movie goes with the Steig Larsson trilogy.

City of London does its dirty work at areas outside of London.

The power is hidden in Britain, working with Global Elites.

Regular 99% of people are paying taxing, but the few global elites aren’t paying any taxes.

Such businesses cheat societies by tax evasions. The Zionist Mafia deprives people of opportunities, justice and a good life.

The video adds 5 Steps to end this corruption:

  • Stop public councils from issuing public contracts to companies operating out of tax havens.
  • Create public registries of beneficial owners of companies, trusts, and foundations.
  • Introduce full transparency of deals and secret agreements between companies and governments.
  • Introduce public country by country reporting by multinational companies.
  • Introduce automatic information exchange between all countries.


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