The Pandemic Illusion

Sunday, June 28, 2020

This video exposes that these violent riots are funded by Soros and Clintons. And, Joe Biden hates black people, and his almost 80 years old.

People need to start working together for peace and freedom.

Fauci, other criminals, and media put together this Cornyflu Plandemic. It was preplanned.

The Seattle Mayor finally asked for help.

Trump stated that the Mayors and Senators are responsible for their state. People need to fight back and get rid of certain politicians to make positive changes.

Bill Gates has killed many children with his free vaccines to depopulate certain countries.

Decoding Celebrity Promotions: Celebrities, involved in pedophilia, state they are “covid positive,” which means they did confess. They will be arrested but not exposed for their crimes. “Covid negative but no longer working in industry” means they didn’t confess to their crimes. They will be hauled off somewhere, where they will be disgraced. So, I think it is true that Tom Hanks has now been arrested because he confessed. Oprah and Ellen are probably under house arrest, wearing a anklet monitor.

Celebrities and adrenochrome? Drinking children’s blood for their fountain of youth.

Donald Trump wants to save children from pedophiles, which is why many celebrities, politicians, and media hates him.

Plandemic cure for their overpopulation issue, which means depopulation agenda, targeting old, sick people. They are also destroying fertility, by sterilizing, to stop people from reproducing. Majority of Covid cases were in old age hospices, killing mostly old people.

Vaccines are used for depopulation.

Therefore, the real reason for this plandemic has to do with depopulation, decarbonization, and globalization. Remember, One World Government is already being set up in Israel to control the whole earth as slaves. Moreover, it is all about creating a worldwide economic collapse.

Greta Thunberg was used to set the stage for plandemic. Then, they used China as an example.

Plandemic is a global staged presentation, and therefore, there is no pandemic.

Everything is driven by Climate Change Agenda.


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