The New Chairman – part 7

When Mort Panludd walked into that first Board Meeting, I nearly exploded in laughter. He was more ridiculous in real life than his images.

I wondered if he ever looked in a mirror, if he actually saw how idiotic he appeared.

He wore one of those obvious wigs, and being overweight, a suit a size too big which he thought made him look thinner. He had this annoying whine of a voice, as if he were six years old.

I stayed in the back, behaving as if I was the least important person in the building.

I knew he was a man who took sexual harassment to its highest level. I was wearing big black framed glasses, a baggy dress, had my hair pulled back and hunched my shoulder, acting shy. Tanya copied me, because neither of us wanted the attention of a man so repulsive.

He gave the eye to a few of the lower level employees, as if making his selection for lunch. I had warned Ken and Dougie that if/when  they looked at him, put an almost worshipful expression on their faces, and dress and behave as unobtrusive and stupid as possible.

I’d done my homework on Panludd, knew how to play him.


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Written by jaylar